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All tours include photography tips and professional photography by
Cal Cheney
(Assuming 10 or more are booked)

Cell phone cameras, combined with social media sharing, have made photography a fun hobby for a wider group of people. And when you combine a traditional guided tour with a professional photographer/guide, you can improve your photography skills, all while taking in a great, photogenic destination!  

No matter your camera or skill level, we can help you improve the shots you bring home and share on one of our designated Travel Photography Tours. Equally important is doing a better job videotaping, and with tips, and tricks, we will help you get great results. There will even be optional meetings to teach you basic editing skills and will include some very easy apps, and fun filter effects to use.

This is not a photography workshop for "wannabe" professionals—it's for regular folks on a full-blown immersive, guided vacation led by Broomfield Colorado resident Cal Cheney, an award-winning professional photographer and world traveler. He will even take photos of you at key moments on your cell phone—much better than selfies!  After the trip, he will compile a professional slideshow and video for all to own and enjoy online. 


Bucket List Travel and Tours can help you see landscapes, wildlife, cultures, and architecture with new eyes, new angles, and in a new light like never before. You'll have storytelling images to be proud of, plus a professional photo/video recap after the tour. Cal has trained and mentored over 100 individuals. On designated "photography tours," Cal will be personally on hand to share his passion and expertise, and to give advice on where to stand and how to choose the best composition for your photos. He'll help you get better foregrounds, advise you on how to "frame" the shot, and explain "depth of field" considerations. Plus, he will take great shots of you in front of landmarks with his camera and/or yours. There will even have a few free optional, early-morning photo walks to capture sunrises and the "golden hour" light. Cell phone photography will give you immediate gratification, and as we immerse ourselves in cultures and cuisine, we will also be partaking in visual feasts while getting some awesome food and "detail" shots! With guidance, we'll make sure your trip of a lifetime is well documented!

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